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JOvee "Benji" Benjaminz, is an American rapper and record producer.  Jovee is a state of Connecticut native, known as a lyric and music making mogul, signed to indie label, C.O.D.E. Hartford is his home-town, where he crafted his skill of rapping and music composition - the best of both worlds.  In 2018, he worked on producing and recording underground mix-tapes, as well as singles and EPs; his recent releases "Benjis" and "Mardi Gras," were featured in the "Source" & "Respect" magazine.  His music is currently "spinning" on east coast major radio stations and internationally on major streaming platforms.  Jovee is said to have gained major attraction by his fans, because of his unique style and innovatively sharp rap flow, that flourishes in any style of beat put in his path. Benji conquers that his major influences are his older brothers, along with having the pleasure of growing up in the 90s, and listening to music influencers, such as Nas, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z, Big L, and all other late greats.  New releases for winter of 2018 include Mind Trap.

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